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System Mania is a original game and has really good graphics
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System Mania 1.3 is a very original task management game developed by Pi Eye Games. At the beginning of the game there is a story that looks like a comic and explains the main story of the game. The main character, who is working at a consumer electronics shop, is fired by her boss. She thought that it was a great idea to open her own technical assistance service. When we start the game we have already opened our business. From here on we started to receive different phone calls telling us what we should repair.
In each stage we must repair a different machine. To do this we must switch off all the blinking red lights as fast as we can. If red lights keep blinking for too long, the machine will break, and we will lose the game. There are many different switches that are used in different ways using the mouse.
This is a really original game. This game features really good graphics, but we should state that the most interesting part of the game is the design of the switches, buttons, wheels, and all the rest of the elements, which makes the game really exciting.
This game is a full featured time limited demo version that will stop working after 60 minutes of game. To keep playing for more time, the retail version must be bought at the developer's page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Original game
  • Design of the elements


  • It´s very easy at the beginning
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